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MoC English

Master of Communication

Master of Communication Behind the Communication

TUN – Management® (Do – Management)


The 3 Successful Communication Strategies

The Human Mind From the View of Communication

Der SEPP® (The SEPP)

The First Impression

The Two Brain Hemispheres

Proper Learnings for the Brain

Body Language and Character Study

Basic – Archive – Communication

Logical and Analogue Thinking


The 5 Senses – Window to the World

The Subconscious Thinking

The Ear as Sensory Perception

The Feelings Behind the Feelings

Really Being Able to Ask…

The Secret: Absorbing Instead of Listening!

The Learned Way of Human Thinking

The 28 Thought Programs

The Law of Polarity

The Way of Thought Through the Self-Filter

The “Stressed” Communication

The Models of the Character: Color Study and Body Types

With the Experiences – Communicate Pictures of People

The Communication – Island

The Conscious Secret: Yes, I Understand Them

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