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Bernhard P. Wirth

The TOP expert regarding body language, people skills, character study and self awareness. He has analized and successfully interpreted hundreds of thousands with the knowledge from the “World of Body Language of Nonverbal Thinking”. Bernhard P. Wirth has guided thausands of people through a hypnotic or trance-like state with language.

His experiences from the “World of Body Language of Nonverbal Thinking” and his insights in conscious and unconscious thinking and behaviour of his fellow human beings he now shares in books, presentations and coachings in a practice-oriented fashion with people who see and understand that words, language and body language are their most important tool.


Not only the knowledge of words, language and body language is the goal but specificly using words, language and body language to the better of humankind.

Bernhard P. Wirth developed his own analizing method with 17 models, to analyse a person as a whole, from the view of “person and behaviour”.

Bernhard P. Wirth owns the German word branding rights in the fields of advanced training and public events to TUN® and TUN-Management® which translates best to “do” and “do-management”.

Berhard P. Wirth is an international best selling author with 153 published books, DVDs and audio CDs.

He is a leading TOP expert worldwide and has held keynote speaches and in depth seminares to the topics body language, people skills, mystic and ancient hebrew in 58 countries.

Bernhard P. Wirth is giving body language, people skills and intercultural competence coachings in the field of “international business” to 61 cultures.

Bernhard P. Wirth has held worldwide in the last 30 years over 4000 keynote speaches and in depth seminares. He has had over 1000 media appearances with TV stations, radio stations and print materials, that nationally and globally.

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